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Hey there, I'm Carly!   I'm an editorial, portrait, and lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles, California.  


Originally an East Coast girl, I began my photography business in Nashville, TN.  My fiancé    Kevin and   I   officially  packed up and moved  to the West Coast  the    summer of 2019. 


My creative  journey all started with my fashion and lifestyle  blog,   Lashville. I studied journalism in college and loved writing so blogging was naturally the right choice for me. Little did I know, my  blog would lead to photography and wardrobe styling. 

Creativity feeds my soul. I love capturing moments  unseen, finding new angles, using  interesting props, telling a story through an outfit, and shooting in naturally beautiful places.   Give me natural light over artificial  any day and that's my home.

A few of my favorite things besides photography  and styling are: coffee, wine, fashion,  puppies,    summertime, the beach, beautiful words, music, and travel.

Now, I can't wait to see where this  journey takes me next.     I hope you'll  become a part of it! 

Contact me to book a session, discuss styling ideas, inquire about pricing, or just to chat. 



Got Questions?
I have answers

What kind of photography do you do?

I love all kinds of photography work. My main focus is editorial and portrait  photography, but    I also love to shoot engagement sessions, brand    photos, and weddings!

Are you available for    travel?

Absolutely, yes! I love to travel and see new places. If work takes me somewhere new, I'm    happy to oblige.  Please note travel fees will be factored into the cost of the shoot if outside of Los Angeles.

When and how do I pay?

I accept cash, check, or Venmo.   Payment is due at the end of the shoot unless otherwise specified. 

What should I expect from a shoot?

Please arrive on time to a photoshoot! We will start by taking some warm up photos to get comfortable with each other and for you to learn how I work. Then after you're comfortable and feeling like the model that you are, we will dive into the good stuff. The    length of the shoot will determine how many edited photos you'll receive in your online gallery.  A one-hour shoot typically yields  30 -  50 edited photos while a two-hour shoot yields 60 -  80   edited photos.

What can I do with my photos?

I'm so happy for you to download my photos for personal use. Please do not re-edit    or resale the photos.   Give credit to the photographer whenever used especially on social media    (tag my account @carlypetersoncreative on Instagram).   Do not give photos to other brands or companies unless discussed   with me. 

How do you choose    locations?

I typically scout locations before the shoot depending on the aesthetic you are going for. If you have  a location  in  mind    I'm happy to hear them!

But what do I wear?

The question that everyone wants to know! I'm happy to say that I can help you out there. I love styling clients  any chance I can get. If you would like a styling session before the shoot please let me know in the contact form.   Otherwise stay true to your style.  Timeless pieces make for great photos through the years. Try to avoid loud graphics, prints, and bright colors. 

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